The Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club, the “MAAC” is Western Australia’s largest Angling and Aquatic Club and is situated in a beach front location on West Coast Drive, Marmion. Since the Club’s establishment in 1953 this member’s only facility has been a popular spot for fisherman and the local community.
The Club offers fishing, diving, pool, darts, juniors activities, bar and restaurant facilities in a family friendly environment.
The MAAC also boasts a function facility with panoramic ocean views which is available for hire.


The Club was established in 1953 after the government of the day made the local fishermen demolish their boatsheds. This was a popular beach for launching boats due to the reef surrounding it, which gave them protection when returning from fishing trips. A group of these people got together and formed what is now the Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club.The founding club members were fortunate enough to be given a Title Deed with a Grant in Trust, which means that as long as we operate as a fishing Club the land belongs to the MAAC. So as you can now see from very humble beginnings we have grown to be a multi-functional facility for the benefit of members.


The MAAC is managed by a General Committee consisting of members who are elected by their fellow club members at the Annual General Meeting. The Club Manager runs the day to day affairs of the club and answers to the General Committee, which consists of a President, Treasurer, Captain, Vice President, Immediate Past President and 6 Committee Members. The Committee Members serve for a two year term. There are a number of Sub Committees including Finance & Administration, House, Entertainment, Angling & Sports (fishing), Pool, Darts and Juniors.


The Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club is the largest fishing Club in Western Australia. Currently the Club has a restricted membership base in overall numbers as set by the General Committee taking into consideration the size of the club-rooms, parking and the need to maintain a stable and working relationship with all those living in the immediate area.

Expressions of interest for membership will be held on file in date order and reviewed by the Committee as and when vacancies occur. As a fishing and diving club, we are always seeking to join members who have a keen interest in these areas.

To apply for our membership waitlist, please visit the Club during office hours. Please be aware that the waitlist is currently has over 400 registrants.